Autumn Course BEST Brussels: Build a bridge, get over it!

In september '16, BEST Brussels organised their latest seasonal course, called 'Build a bridge, get over it!'. It was about, you guessed it, building bridges! Twenty-two enthousiast students from all around Europe joined our courses to first learn about the technical part and eventually build and test their own bridge. 

But it wasn't only about bridges, it was also about building friendships a creating life-lasting memories together (and ofcourse having loads of fun!). 

At arrival day, we played some get-to-knowgames so everyone got comfortable in the group. The following five days, the participants participated in the official opening, the classes, the practicums, the final test and the party's. During the last two days, we explored Brussels and Gent. No point in coming to Belgium if you can't enjoy some of it! We did pub crawl's, a Brussels rally and so much more.

After eight days of intense participation and collaboration, everyone went home, exhausted but satisfied. New friendships were made and new cultures were explored, and that's what BEST is all about after all!

Autumn Course: Sofia

The course had everything you needed: getting to know a new country and unforgettable parties while broadening your knowledge... And last but not least: meeting new people! 

Summer Course: Aalborg

Moraal van het verhaal: BEST courses zijn de max! Je leert er niet alleen heel wat bij, je leert ook gewoon mensen kennen uit heel Europa, je maakt er geweldige vrienden en leert er de cultuur van een ander land kennen! En als dat nog geen redenen genoeg zijn, is nog spodgoedkoop ook.