Testimonial Summer Course BEST Brussels 2015: Photonics? Enlighten me!

This summer in Brussels, the heart of Europe, the 22nd BEST Brussels Summer Course was launched in high spirits. The course with the theme "Photonics? Enlighten Me!" consisted of classes and lab sessions with some of the biggest names within photonics working for the B-Phot team in Brussels and an inviting social program.

The BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) organizers from Brussels and their co-organizers from Hungary and Poland put their heads and hearts together to give the participants the best sights of Brussels and an unique opportunity to experience the games and student spirit of the VUB campus.

On Sunday the participants got to know each other with a wealth of icebreaking games and by the next morning the tight-knit group was ready to take on what Photonics had to offer.

During the week the students attended classes in Lasers, Optical Sensors, Semiconductor Lasers, Spectroscopy and Optical Communication. The classes were complemented by practical work in the VUB Physics labs and a final presentation from the participants in one of the applications of Photonics they'd learned about.

In the evenings and during the weekend the participants got to experience things like the International Evening with food and drinks from all of the participants countries, the oh-so-popular Cantus, a city rally and a Flemish concert in city center.

On the following Tuesday the participants parted from the dormitories with their newfound knowledge in Photonics knowing that they had made new friends for life and wished eachother warm goodbyes and wishes to visit eachother and to "See you around in Europe!".

Anna Wisakanto, Participant Summer Course BEST Brussels 2015